Friday, April 10, 2009

Balance Point Healing Center Blog: Herbs and Herbs

Take a look at this blog by Susan Hammett, Licensed Acupuncturist in Dallas, Texas. Her most recent post covers the important topic of self-medication with herbs and why it often doesn't work, or works less well than it should.

My patients are always explaining to me that they are already taking herbs for their health conditions. I, like Dr. Phil have to ask them; and so how's that working for ya? Usually the response is well, not so good. The problem I explain to them is not with the herb itself the problem lies in matching the herb to the correct diagnosis, therein lies the rub. Many people read about how one particular herb is good for their condition or they find a pre-made formula good for a particular condition. This is indeed a noble quest by the patient but one fraught with many an unforeseen obstacle.

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