Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Acupuncture at Children's Hospital L.A.

Here's a great article about Yosan's acupuncture program at Children's Hospital Los Angeles. The highlight:

Although [director of the Pediatric Pain Management Clinic Jeffrey] Gold was unsure how his colleagues would react when he announced the new program at a faculty meeting on its first day, he admitted to being startled when they all "burst into cheers" and wanted to know when their departments might be able to take advantage of the service. Although the program is currently only affiliated with the pain clinic, there are plans to eventually roll it out to the rest of the hospital. Read the full article.

Anyone who has seen or experienced what acupuncture can do for patients wants more of it. It doesn't surprise me at all that everyone burst into cheers!

Everyday Health blogger Nini Mai was selected for the Children's Hospital externship next semester and will be treating patients starting in May. Check back, she may post about the experience.

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