Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Death and Destruction All Over

For some reason, today I've stumbled across more dark and disturbing information all at once than I have for a long time. It seems like the world is a terrible place. To wit:

A question that comes to mind is whether the world has always been this bad or if I'm just noticing it now. Is this what happens when you get older? What is the meaning of day-to-day activities when there is so much evil and madness in the world?

Chinese medicine has roots in Daoism, which looks backward to an idyllic pre-literate time when there were no laws, and therefore no crime. People kept records by tying knots in rope. People lived in harmony with the earth and the sky. Medicine was unnecessary. Is this still possible? Is it a metaphor for some spiritual achievement?

The cyclical and balanced nature of the universe requires that periods of darkness are followed by periods of light. The most basic example of this is night and day. No matter what, the earth keeps rotating and spinning, mirroring the tiniest particles in the universe, and the sun keeps rising over our horizon. All parts of the universe reflect an image of the whole, and I hope that the sun rises soon.

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