Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Bump: Sustainable Pantry

Matthew Weitzman and his wife Alexa have a great food blog called Sustainable Pantry. Andrew and Alexa are both acupuncturists in the New York area.

The idea behind the blog is to "make every grocery shop last, keep the pantry nicely stocked, and make inspired meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner." This blog covers one of the trickier aspects of running a household - keeping enough food around so that you never go hungry, but not buying so much that it goes bad before you can eat it! It therefore has great tips for storage, leftovers, shopping, and of course, lots and lots of recipes.

(The picture above is of their refrigerator - updated monthly).


Jason Moskovitz said...

Don't correct the title to this one. I like it better. Haha!

Matthew said...

thanks for the bump! Great site, I love the advice column. Keep it up!