Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Astrology Workshop with Carolyn Leigh

Note: Today's post is from Carolyn Leigh, licensed acupuncturist, clinical supervisor for Yosan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine at Being Alive, and an accomplished astrologer.

After years of study, preparation, test runs and being almost ready, Jupiter is finally in my 5th house of self-expression transiting opposite my natal Sun in the 11th house, the House that rules astrology (if you don't know what this means, come learn, discover and grow with Astrology)...

...because I am proud to finally present my first set of Astrology workshops...
Introduction to Astrology for Self-Growth!!!

This workshop is a two-day series offered at my abode in Hollywood. The workshop will be offered from 10AM til 5PM with many breaks and a variety of activities to keep the energy flowing. I promise that it will not feel overwhelming or exhausting.

Day 1 will be offered on three Saturdays:
January 10, January 17, and January 24th.
You pick one Saturday.

Day 2 will be offered on Sunday, January 25th...
if you can't make January 25th, we will arrange dates for Day 2 at a later time that work for you.

The course is $100 unless you attend Day 1 on January 10th, in which case the course is $50. Either way, this is a steal!!! ...and I promise you it will be one of the best courses you have ever taken for self-growth and understanding of yourself in relation to the cosmos! (ok, this is my Jupiter talking, and as you will learn Jupiter can over-expand things... but then again, I tend to be modest so I might have it just about right this time.)

Astrology is my passion and I am so excited to share it with the world in my own unique way.

The workshop is meant to embed within your being and not just your mind... the foundation of astrological study... the currently known planetary bodies (and a few asteroids) of our solar system, and the 12 zodiac archetypes and houses. We will be using meditation, movement, note-taking, discussion, journaling and artistic expression (painting, sketching, and/or collaging) to build the foundation of astrological relationships and interpretation. You will be working with your own natal astrology chart throughout the workshop.

Astrology is a mirror for the evolution of your soul... and it can speak to your individual soul journey like no other system I have ever encountered. It is an ancient system... and still evolving as we as a species are evolving... as both a science and an art of interpretation. Our scientists tell us that the process of observation changes the very nature of that which we observe. I believe and have experienced that the process of self-observation through astrology has accelerated my own evolution and inner peace.

Thanks... and much love!


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