Monday, December 1, 2008

Xiao Ke - Middle

The second basic pattern for Xiao Ke is Stomach Fire. People with this pattern diagnosis often have ravenous hunger with high food intake, dry stools or constipation and thirst. You might often get the feeling "if I don't eat soon I'll die!" The tongue has a yellow coating and the pulse is slippery and forceful. The treatment method is to clear the stomach, drain fire, nourish yin and generate liquid.

Prescription: Yu Nu Jian (Jade Lady Brew)
Shi Gao 30g (gypsum)
Shu Di Huang 15g (prepared rehmannia)
Mai Men Dong 12g (ophiopogon)
Zhi Mu 9g (anemarrhena)
Niu Xi 9g (achyranthis)
Huang Lian 6g (coptis)
Zhi Zi 9g (gardenia)

As we noted last week, this is only a basic pattern. Often patterns are combined and there are many different ways of treating Xiao Ke. Only a qualified TCM practitioner is eligible to diagnose and treat with Chinese herbs.

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