Monday, December 8, 2008

FDA Warning on Advair: Death, Other Side Effects Possible

Chinese medicine is especially effective in treating asthma in children and adults. Acupuncture, moxibustion, and Chinese herbs can all be used to treat both chronic and acute asthma.

One of the best base formulas for acute asthma, Bai Guo Ding Chuan Tang, uses Ma Huang (ephedra) as one of the ingredients. This is an example of the correct use of Ma Huang to dilate the bronchi and make breathing easier.

Unfortunately, because of the abuse of Ma Huang and other Chinese herbs by unethical supplement companies, who promoted ephedra as a weight-loss drug (with terrible consequences), we have lost the use of Ma Huang in clinical herbal practice in the United States. It is essential that the Chinese medicine community stand up in defense of our pharmacopoeia. No one knows what will be banned next because of misunderstandings and lack of knowledge about Chinese herbs. I've heard rumors that Fu Zi (aconite) and even the innocuous Chen Pi (tangerine peel) may be banned next.

Students and practitioners, I urge you to join your state and national organizations, pay your dues, and tell your Herbal Advisory Committees to defend Chinese herbs. Do it now before the FDA decides that we aren't allowed to use herbs at all. It only takes a second and costs less than you think.

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Carryout said...

these bans would be ridiculously sad. i highly doubt all herbs would be banned, but a government measure to curb such things is SAD to think about. man...