Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Food Dyes: Too Much of a Bad Thing?

Bright colors in our food have for millenia indicated freshness, deliciousness, and a host of other positive qualities. But these days nearly anything can be made to look fresh, even if it is highly processed. Check out these tempting-looking donuts - see the bright sprinkles? To your brain, that looks delicious. It probably thinks you've discovered some kind of fruit with multicolored seeds.

It's not just donuts and packaged goods. Farmed salmon has for many years been artificially colored.

There is now new research about the effect of these dyes on children's health. Take a look at this article from the L.A. Times. There is probably no single cause for the sharp rise of ADD and ADHD in the United States and other "developed" countries, but these studies may provide a clue towards finding the contributing factors.

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