Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chinese Face Reading

As we mentioned the other day, Chinese medicine uses external signs to get a picture of what's going on inside the body. Without MRIs or X-rays, a skilled Chinese medicine practitioner can tell you accurately the general condition of your internal organs and the specific pathological mechanisms taking place that need fixing.

Of course, now that magnetic resonance imaging and radiology have developed, we don't ignore them. They are very useful tools, but the drawback is the time and expense involved in obtaining results. X-rays are harmful to your cellular structure and therefore should be avoided unless necessary (why do you think you wear a lead gown when you get one?). MRI machines fill entire rooms!

One fast and inexpensive way to diagnose a person is to look at their face. In general, we look at three things: color, overall shape, and finally individual facial structures such as the nose or the forehead.

For more about Chinese reading, take a look at Patrician McCarthy's website. For a TCM-style analysis of Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Joe Biden and yes, John McCain, take a look at this piece from the Huffington Post.

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