Tuesday, March 10, 2009


夏枯草 Xia Ku Cao, I have discovered, is an excellent remedy for dry eyes, dry mouth, headache and fuzzy-head sensation brought on by alcohol consumption. The variety I tried was a commercial preparation made with sugar and water, similar to the picture above. I tried making Xia Ku Cao drink at home, but it wasn't the same - probably because I was leery of putting too much sugar in.

Xia Ku Cao is known in English as prunella or self-heal spike. I bought a plant once at a farmer's market, planted it in my then-backyard and watched it grow and grow all summer long, fighting with the mint for dominance of the herb patch (the mint won).

In TCM it is categorized with the Clear Heat, Drain Fire herbs and is especially good for heat in the upper part of the body manifesting as dizziness, red eyes, irritability, etc.

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