Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New York Times: IBS Treated with Emotional Re-Education

This article in the New York Times shows that even M.D.s are rethinking their treatment of irritable bowel syndrome.

A small but growing number of specialists are seeking to reunite mind and body by treating patients with a combination of medications, dietary precautions and emotional re-education. Their early studies indicate that this mind-body approach is more effective than either alone.

Dr. Charles D. Gerson, a gastroenterologist affiliated with Mount Sinai Medical Center, works with his wife, Mary-Joan Gerson, a psychotherapist, and their daughter, Jessica, a hypnotherapist, at the Mind-Body Digestive Center in New York.

Dr. Gerson said in an interview that for patients who are seriously impaired by I.B.S., medications help but “there is no magic pill that solves the whole problem. Patients need a more holistic approach. Those who accept emotional as well as physical causes of their condition do better.”

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