Friday, September 12, 2008

Large Hadron Collider Now Online

What is the Large Hadron Collider? The video above explains it better than I ever could.

As I understand it, part of what they're doing there is searching for the smallest particle in the universe. My guess is, they'll never find it. According to the laws of yin and yang, they certainly never will, because yin and yang are infinitely divisible. This might seem like an easy, almost flippant thing to say, but it's actually based on thousands of years of observation and fine-tuning.

Modern physics is a fascinating area for anyone interested in the natural world. Chinese medicine, with its roots in Daoism, is a natural area of research for physicists. As the tools and equipment get more sophisticated, we are able to detect different frequencies of energy waves we weren't able to see before. Experiments have been conducted which measure brain waves of experienced meditators, heat or cold in patients and practitioners as a result of qigong therapy, and other "insubstantial" or non-physical therapies which have a physical effect.

This is a complex subject which branches out in many directions. For now, enjoy the video!

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steph said...

love your comment on the LHC and love the youtube post!
your blogs biggest fan
(not injapan anymore)