Monday, August 17, 2009

Say Hi To Your Body

Chinese medicine is by nature not merely physical. We recognize that the 'self' is more than just a pile of meat and bones arranged into a human body, and overcoming health challenges requires healing of the mind, body and spirit.

In these modern times, many people aren't in touch with their bodies. On top of television and the internet, we now have little computers in our pockets (Iphone and its cousins the Crackberry and the Palm Pre) that give us access to almost everything all the time. If you're an office worker who sits in front of a computer all day you may be using your mental faculties in a very intense way, while completely ignoring your body. This can lead to back pain, neck and shoulder tension, headaches, even gastrointestinal distress.

A wonderful example of someone getting "back into their body" can be found in this blog post by Bridget Pilloud. Please take a look and try her suggestions. (Thanks to Becca Seitz for pointing me towards this)

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