Monday, June 22, 2009

People Are Talking About Chinese Herbs on Twitter

Take a look as someone tries to convince a friend to try Chinese medicine.
  • Omg_me_normaltechnex: @Jools_jti Ouch dude, that sucks :( Hope you feel better soon.

  • Avatar_normal Jools_jti: @technex cheers, it's that or die trying :|

  • Omg_me_normal technex: @Jools_jti If the NHS is gonna take forever try some alternatives like chinese herbal medicine, I've had really good results from that.

  • Avatar_normal Jools_jti: @technex Already taken 7weeks, if I cant see specialist this week, am walking into casualty. Its a strong antibiotic job, ginseng wont do :)

  • Avatar_normal Jools_jti: @technex Was only joking, I have been using Manuka honey with better results than anything prescribed to date. However its now quite serious

  • Omg_me_normal technex: @Jools_jti It's worth a visit to a good chinese herbal doctor, they have real diagnostic skill. But yeah, casualty might be a good backup.
This is so interesting to me because it follows the format of many conversations I have had and overheard about Chinese medicine. Someone complains of a health problem, you recommend Chinese medicine, there's a flip blow-off ("ginseng won't do") and an earnest rejoinder ("they have real diagnostic skill") and then...? It all depends. Keep having those conversations! And do good work - if you get results that's all anyone cares about.

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