Monday, November 24, 2008

A Plug For Mona Vie

To state it bluntly, I'm a skeptical cynic and don't believe most things I'm told unless I experience it myself. Although it can be a set-back in terms of time spent researching to find my own truth, all while indulging the OCD-side of me, it has led me to where I am today. With that disclosure statement, today's post is about a product called Mona Vie.

Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't. It has been featured by Lara Spencer on The Dish with Rachel Ray, freestyle motocross pro Brian Deegan on MTV Cribs, and Dr. Oz on the Oprah Winfrey Show, to name a few. For a multi-level marketing product, it has gotten more exposure and endorsement than any other health-related MLM product in recent times - and trust me, being Vietnamese and all means that I know a thing or two or three about MLM's... (I don't know what the obsession is, but Vietnamese people love them!) It's also received a fair amount of skepticism and bad exposure as well.

I didn't know anything about Mona Vie until my sister started selling it. Now I know way too much about it. For weeks she's asked me to post a little something on her behalf, and I have been reticent... until now.

Both my parents have chronic health problems, and the kind of lifestyles that produce and perpetuate those problems. I have tried for the last year - since moving closer to home - to convince them to change their habits. I've given them teas, came over on weekends for acupuncture, tried to influence their diet, only to fail at almost all attempts to help them long term. Every time I left their house, they just went back to their same old ways.

My sister has been selling Mona Vie for only a few months now, and with that she has managed to change my parents' ingrained habits more than anything I've done. Every day, she makes sure our dad drinks the recommended 2-4 ounces a day of Mona Vie, and with that he's stopped drinking his requisite coffee every morning, as well as the three cans of soda he used to drink throughout the day. She also got our mom to drink it too: my mom's a Type 2 diabetic who is extremely uncompliant with her meds and dietary recommendations, and she's got a raging sweet tooth. When she checks her fasting blood sugar, it's usually at 180 or higher, but after taking the Mona Vie regularly, she's leveled at 73. She's been checking her blood glucose levels every day just to make sure it's still at 73.

My sister, who just had a son this past year, started taking Mona Vie given to her by a friend. She noticed that the pain she had in her heel, which began during her third trimester of pregnancy and persisted after birth, had disappeared. She also was delighted to find that she had lost 6 pounds, and decided to find out more about the stuff. Now she won't stop talking about it.

Mona Vie is a blend of different fruits: acai, concord grape, pineapple, apple, prickly pear, pomegranate, elderberry, yumberry, bilberry, blackberry, blueberry, cherry, cranberry, raspberry, aronia, acerola, strawberry, cupuacu, and camu camu. It's basically a super-duper fruit juice. It tastes great, which is why it was so easy to get my parents to do it.

So that's my plug for Mona Vie. People argue that it's just a juice, and that it's network marketing at it's best, making for tons of hype and misinformation. Personally, the fact that it is just a juice proves to me that healthy living doesn't have to come from a pill. A larger percentage of Americans suffer from chronic health illnesses compared to populations of other developed countries. The food group we are missing the most of in terms of both quanitity and variety are fruits.

The argument that it's exobitantly priced leads me to ask people to compare what they are spending on coffee every day, or for drinks at the bar each week, to the cost of Mona Vie. Ideally, we should all be buying low-cost unprocessed foods, especially fresh seasonal fruits and veggies, but the fact of the matter is that most of us are lazy, and that there is limited access to affordable healthy food choices in many parts of the country.

I try to get my parents to eat more fresh fruits and veggies. They live in California where fresh foods are abundant year-round, and they even have a juicer, which unfortunately sits in their cupboard untouched. If Mona Vie, with it's easy-to-swallow taste and easy-to-pour refrigerator-ready bottle, is the only way they'll take in their daily servings of fruit, then that's good enough for me.

Here's my sister's contact info if you want to learn more about Mona Vie:
Nina, 714-860-3518 or email her at ninamai at myway dot com.

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