Thursday, July 31, 2008

Traditional Chinese Medicine Week in London

It's Traditional Chinese Medicine Week in London, an event centered around an exhibition at the Royal Society of Medicine on Wimpole St.

If you're in London, stop in and take some pictures! Let me know how it is. We ought to have something like that here in America. There's already a World Taiji and Qigong Day. It would be a good opportunity to raise the profile of TCM, maybe get a decent feature in some mainstream press.

Ultimately I think we need a 5000 word New Yorker profile of a charismatic, highly effective Chinese medicine doctor who lives and practices in America. You know, maybe it's an immigrant from Fujian who waits tables by day and writes herbal prescriptions all night for the line of people who know he's got the touch. Something that people can connect with, that the writer can skillfully use as a jumping off point to explore the world of Chinese medicine in the U.S. That would be awesome. Atul Gawande is not allowed to get anywhere near it.

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